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Free naloxone training from LMac Community CPR

Deaths from opioid overdoses are escalating across the country and in some areas are becoming a leading cause of death. In order to prevent as many deaths as possible, LMac Community CPR has partnered with Ealing Pharmacy to provide FREE naloxone training to anyone who would like to have it.

If you....
‣ Volunteer or work to help people who could overdose on opioids
‣ Have a family member or loved one who could overdose on opioids
‣ Know someone with a medical condition who takes opioids
‣ Work in a field where you may inadvertently comes into contact with an opioid (Police, Fire, Ambulance or other First Response)
‣ Are interested in knowing how to save someone that you may encounter who has overdosed accidently or been given the drug by someone else

...then taking this course could easily save a life!

You will learn the effects that opioids have on the body and how quickly they can kill, how to recognize a potential opioid overdose, how to administer naloxone/Narcan and what to do once you have administered it.

After completing the course, each participant will receive a FREE Naloxone administration kit.

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Course Location: Unless otherwise stated, all courses are held at 875 Hamilton Road, London
Course Time: 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Course Cost: FREE

Space is limited so please register early!

To register, please email Ealing Pharmacy directly at or if you have any questions you can call them at (519) 451-3590. Special arrangements for groups or organizations may be arranged with advanced notice.


For 2014-2015, LMac Community CPR earned:

Top Training Partner award for Wilderness First Aid programs in all of Ontario  &

#1 for Red Cross Training programs for Southwest Region

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