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We train you like the life you save will be ours!


   2023 Testimonials

"I have been taking this training since I was 12 regularly and this was the best one yet. Well done!."

Bev A., Corporate, Standard First Aid, November

"Amazing instructor, great use of time."

Carol R., Scouting, Standard First Aid, November

"Very informative, knowledgable session. One of the best I've taken."

Ashley B., Scouting, Standard First Aid, November

"Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the course. The hands on scenarios and the way you taught. You made Learning fun."

Tammie T., Property Management, Standard First Aid, November

"Your course was very professional, organized and informative. I believe this is a great asset for myself to have completed."

Matt M., Property Management, Standard First Aid, November

"Made First Aid course very pleasant and understandable. Answered and encouraged questions."

Patricia J., Property Management, Standard First Aid, October

"Very memorable examples provided! The high energy level kept me engaged through the entire full day class."

Melanie S., Assisted Living, Standard First Aid, September

"Thank you! Amazing course and very informative with lots of examples/hands on."

Cassandra P., Scouts Canada, Standard First Aid Blended, August

"Very knowable class, instructor Laura was very patient. Will recommend this course."

Shelly P., Scouts Canada, Standard First Aid Blended, August

"It was a fun learning experience, instructor was very informative."

Skylar L., Construction, Standard First Aid, June

"Awesome instructor, very knowledgeable, very approachable."

Krystal M., Assisted Living, Emergency First Aid, June

"Definitely a good and inclusive instructor and brought enjoyment to this class."

Emily E., Student, Standard First Aid, May

"Was very hands on, providing us with further opportunity to learn/correct ourselves."

Margret F., Public, Standard First Aid, May

"Mike is excellent instructor. Best teacher ever had in First Aid & CPR."

Nasser A., Ministry of the Environment - Conservation and Parks, Standard First Aid, April

"Great job! Way to keep the class involved and engaged!! Was happy to see it was not a boring powerpoint."

David S., Ministry of the Environment - Conservation and Parks, Standard First Aid, April

"Mike kept the course engaging and interesting. The best CPR course I've had to date."

Travis C., Ministry of the Environment - Conservation and Parks, Standard First Aid, April

"Fabulous instructor - would highly recommend. Very patient with our group."

Deb M., Financial Services, Standard First Aid, April

"Trainers complemented each other nicely in terms of interactions in class and material delivery."

Stacey C., Youth Services, Standard First Aid, February

"Cyndi is such a personable and patient instructor! Great job!"

Jennifer N., Public, Standard First Aid, January

"Laura and Lala (Levis) are very good at explaining, teaching and ensuring that we know everything we need to do in the needed situation."

Amina R., Student, Emergency First Aid, January

   2022 Testimonials

"Instructor was fantastic, very engaging and very knowledgeable. He did an amazing job teaching the course"."

Rachel L., Ontario Government, Standard First Aid, October

"Time really well spent. Instructor was clear and content was completely relevant. Fantastic instruction."

Katherine M., Legal Professional, Standard First Aid, August

"She was excellent and knew exactly what she was doing. Very knowledgeable and loves imparting that knowledge."

Simrn D., Hospitality Industry, Standard First Aid, August

"Excellent course! Many renewals (30+) this had the strongest emphasis on skills & practice."

Catherine G., Public, CPR-C recert, July

"Efficient. Lots of check ins and time for questions & practical tips."

Kayla S., Nursing, CPR-BLS recert, May

"Mitch is a excellent instructor who makes this course enjoyable and easy to understand."

Richard B., Transportation, Emergency First Aid, May

"Was Great! Kept it interesting and a great refresher! Kept it fun. Really liked Angela."

Abby W., Childcare, Standard First Aid recert, May

"Had a great time learning with Mike. Wonderful, fun experience. Thank you."

Stephnie T., Nursing, BLS CPR, April

"Very nice course. The instructor made it interactive, shared her wealth of knowledge and experience. Best First Aid class I have attended so far."

Ayesha Q., Transportation, Emergency First Aid, Mar.

"The instructor put us at ease with his sense of humour and he was attentive to everyone. Really well done!"

Jenny K., Daycare, Standard First Aid recert, Mar.

"The best First Aid course that I have taken!!"

Ariel R., Transportation, Emergency First Aid, Mar.

"Excellent instructor, hands down best CPR/AED instructor I've had."

Corey B., Transportation, Emergency First Aid, Mar.

"It was very well done and it was engaging and informational to learn."

Alayna B., Environmental Leadership, Remote First Aid, Mar.

"Bringing up all the real life scenarios made it much easier to understand. Enjoyed putting the different skills together."

Monique R., Daycare, Standard First Aid Blended, Mar.

"Loved the mix of online & in-class application (hands on practice)."

Heather G., Scouts Canada, Standard First Aid Blended, Mar.

"One of, if not the best instructors I have ever had. Explained everything ver well and in detail and made sure no one was left behind."

Kyle M., Manufacturing, Standard First Aid Recert, Feb.

"Wonderful course, both instructors were patient with all questions and taking time to re-explain aspects of First Aid."

Anita-Grace L., Community Services, Standard First Aid, Feb.

"I appreciated Karen's sense of humour! Easy to talk to, great teacher."

Janna S., Community Services, Standard First Aid Blended, Jan.

"I enjoyed the course. Instructor explained everything clearly to all of us."

Ingrid A., Childcare, Standard First Aid Blended, Jan.

"Lala (instructor) was professional, fun, shared experiences & made everyone feel comfortable. Good pace, kept interest level high."

Tamara B., Childcare, Standard First Aid Blended, Jan.

"One of the best First Aid/CPR classes I've taken."

Selena G., Childcare, Standard First Aid Blended, Jan.

   2021 Testimonials

"Fantastic instructor. Uses real life situations & interests to make the scenarios much easier to understand."

Tamara M., Property Management, Standard First Aid, Nov.

"Super engaging session, for sure sending more Old Oak staff. Made First Aid relatable and interesting, you can tell Levis really enjoys his job."

Kelsie M., Property Management, Standard First Aid, Sept.

"Great enthusiasm, related to many real life scenarios to give us a deeper understanding of what is at stake. Thank you!"

Darryl D., Medical, CPR-BLS, Sept.

"Well taught. Great teacher for keeping students engaged."

Matthew C., Engineering, Standard First Aid, July.

"Cyndi was great, her class was calm and knowledgeable."

Sarah M., Public, Standard First Aid, July.

"Absolutely fantastic course. Instructors worked through all material & gave extra attention to areas as determined by the students. I will be highly recommending this course to others."

Samantha S., Public, Wilderness First Aid, Jun.

"Crazy intimidating at one level knowing how little we know and how easy it is to miss 'obvious' things."""

Frank E, Scouts Canada, Remote First Aid, Jun.

"Cyndi was a fantastic instructor. She was knowledgeable in teaching and has instilled a greater confidence in myself for when/if something happens in the future."

Travis W., Manufacturing, Standard First Aid, Jun.

"Instructor was friendly, communicated clearly and provided an organized/informative lecture."

David G., Medical, BLS CPR, Jun.

"Really enjoyed the blended course, gave opportunity to learn at your own pace & ask questions during class."

Nicole D., Retail, Standard First Aid, May.

"Had a lovely time, my brain hurts but my favourite First Aid so far"

Tiffany H., Retail Sales, Standard First Aid, Apr.

"Cyndi was a good instructor, very patient, knowledgeable, and understanding. To be honest this exceeded my expectations. Had come here just to check a box, left knowing a lot of stuff"

Lawrence M., Public, Standard First Aid, Mar.

"The course with you guys was exceptional. I can honestly say you guys set the baseline of what I will measure all future training against. I look forward to training with you guys on the next level in the future."

James O., Public, Remote First Aid, Mar.

"Got the BLS renewal. Instructor was very knowledgeable, had real world scenarios and gave constructive feedback. She was organized and utilized her new manikins which now have green lights indicating if we are providing good chest compressions. Classroom and instructor complies with covid sanitary standards."

Sam H., Public, BLS renewal, Mar.

"Extremely informative course that had great scenarios and really set the bar as to how BLS should be taught. It was very interesting and you can see that Laura has a lot of knowledge and passion for what she does! Really appreciate it."

Katie E., Public, Heart & Stroke Instructor, Mar.

"Truly the best place to go for any first aid needs/requirements. They provide a great atmosphere to learn and ask questions. The depth and detail in the scenarios is incredible as Laura and Mike take so much pride in giving the best service to students as possible."

Nicole B., Public, Emergency Medical Responder Bridge, Feb.

"You're not only going to learn new skills but you'll be ready to apply what you've learned with confidence. Mike and Laura are very knowledgeable and they have the ability of making even the most challenging courses really fun. I enjoyed my time there and I look forward to many more courses in the future."

Johnny M., Public, Emergency Medical Responder, Feb.

"I felt this was one of the strongest groups of engaged participants I’ve been with in a long time. I appreciated all of your energy and discussions. Laura, as always, I appreciate your leadership and making us all better instructors every time we take our courses. Thank you!"

Amy G., Instructor, Red Cross Instructor recertification, Jan.

"Thanks for a great course. Really liked how you made it real instead of just videos."

Sarah W., Clinical, CPR-BLS, Jan.

"Very engaging teacher who made the entire course fun to learn, did not feel bored once."

Jordan S., Beverage Industry, Standard First Aid, Jan.


   2020 Testimonials

"Instructor was very professional and didn't make the training feel long or boring. Very engaging and easy to learn from him. Thank you.."
Valon B., Manufacturing, Standard First Aid, Dec.

"Great job - learned new things even after 25years of taking course."
Stefani H., Medical, CPR-BLS, Nov.

"Best First Aid course I have been on, better than others."
Alex W., Property Management, Standard First Aid, Nov.

"Very clear and explained/demonstrated well. I feel comfortable and confident administering First Aid & CPR if I am needed."
Ariel T., Food Service, Standard First Aid, Oct.

"The trainer (Tony) was excellent and made me feel more confident and comfortable with being able to provide care when needed."
Alistair C., Manufacturing, Standard First Aid Blended, Sept.

"Jeremy was a fantastic instructor. Kept it light and fun but very informative. Nothing is off the table and very easy going and comfortable to ask questions."
Tara S., Transportation, Standard First Aid Recert, Sept.

"Extremely well knowledgeable and had an answer for every question. I felt safe with the distancing and other CoVid measures."
Emma M., Public, Standard First Aid Blended, Aug.

"I preferred the blended course, plenty of time to learn at my own pace and valuable practice time in class."
Lisa J., Public, Standard First Aid Blended, Aug.

"I really enjoyed the class with Karen the instructor. She made the class interesting. She highlighted all the important concepts and gave examples which made it more applicable. I will continue to take my courses through LMac."
Gloria J., Pharmacist, Standard First Aid BLS, Mar.

"The instructor was great with explaining everything and very patient."
Jenifer T., Beverage Industry, Standard First Aid, Feb.

"Was a great and well taught program. Plenty of information, would recommend it to anyone looking to be trained in First Aid response."
Jake M., Beverage Industry, Standard First Aid, Feb.

"Very easy to follow and made this a calm and interesting environment."
Cindy M., Student, Standard First Aid, Feb.

"Awesome lessons and scenarios, everything was so real and well thought through."
Abigail F., Student, Standard First Aid, Feb.

"All information was given in an informative and interesting way. Loved the personal stories given and the group activities we did; helped make everything we relearned easier to remember. Thank you!"
Heidi L., Beverage Industry, Standard First Aid Recertification, Jan.

"Loved the practical and hands on practice. Instructor was informative and entertaining and extremely competent. A great 2 days."
Rob S., Arts Industry, Standard First Aid, Jan.

"Approachable instructor, was very helpful and knowledge was from own experience, present and past."
Carol R, Beverage Industry, Standard First Aid recertification, Jan.

"Very knowledgeable, stories aligned with content being taught/reviewed and helped put the situations into perspective."
Nicole C, Scouting, Standard First Aid recertification, Jan.

   2019 Testimonials

"Awesome training! Lots of variety, lots of hands on."
Jenna Y., Scouting, Standard First, Nov.

"Wonderful & informative class with amazing background and scenarios. Thank you so much!!"
Mike V., Teacher, Wilderness & Remote First Aid, Nov.

"Learned so many things, especially with the hands on! I feel more confident leaving this course than any other first aid I have done."
Jessica T., Teacher, Wilderness & Remote First Aid, Nov.

"It was necessary to have a different trainer each day. This was a great bonus as I felt both knowledgeable, pleasant and learned in different ways from each of them. Thoroughly enjoyed and learned much each day."
Maureen B., Customer Service, Standard First Aid recertification, Nov.

"The presenter was very knowledgeable and gave great examples of different scenarios."
Brittany B., Humanitarian Service, Standard First Aid recertification, Nov.

"Best 1st Aid/CPR course I've ever taken! Engaging, educational and focused on real life possibilities. Would highly recommend, can't wait for my re-cert next year."
Lindsay L., Dental, Standard First Aid with BLS, Sept.

"You were absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much! I have a hard time with testing but you made everything so simple and easy to follow!"
Steffanie R., Retail Sales, Standard First Aid, Aug.

"Very informative. Great teacher. Would recommend this course to family/friends."
Mike W., Transportation, Standard First Aid, Jul.

"Lovely instructor. One of the best classes I've been to in the past 9 yrs. She made it feel personal and relevant to our day to day experiences."
Kristy L., Retail, Standard First Aid, Jul.

"The instructor was the best instructor I have ever had. Very informative and an amazing teacher."
Grace G., Public, Standard First Aid, Jul.

"Very well spoken and understandable. Great attitude and made me more confident in performing First Aid. I'm proud of Cyndi! Good job!."
Tony J., Manufacturing, Standard First Aid, Jul.

"The instructor was extremely engaging & informative. Very valuable and informative. I feel much more confident in my first and and CPR skill set."
Danielle T., Dental, Standard First Aid, Jul.

"Cyndi was an excellent facilitator who knows her stuff! She has a wonderful way of teaching and communicating with various learners!"
Marni M., Customer Mangement, Standard First Aid, Jun.

"Having taken First Aid for over 3 decades, this was the best training that I have attended. Excellent teacher - good group."
Pam G., Public, Standard First Aid, Jun.

"You guys teach the best 1st Aid courses I've ever done - and I've done a lot! I love the scenarios."
Lisa H., Public, Wilderness and Remote First Aid, May

"Very informative, great communicator, patient, gives you the confidence to help others."
Jade L., Construction, Emergency First Aid, May

"Amaxing instructor, provide a lot of real world examples and made the class fun and easy to understand."
Kevin S., Construction, Emergency First Aid, May

"Took time to answer all questions and had lots of hands on to build confidence."
Erin S., Public, Standard First Aid recert, May

"ngela did a great job explaining and reviewing. She frequently made sure we were on track by asking 'Does that make sense?' and 'Do you understand?' "
Stacy, Childcare, Standard First Aid recert, May

"Wonderful course to attend with a wonderful instructor (Mike)."
Vinay R., Healthcare, CPR-C, Apr.

"Instructor was great and very informative. He tried to relate the training to each of us (and suceeded) therefore providing very thorough training."
Michelle Z., Healthcare, CPR-C, Apr.

"Course was presented in a very engaging and memorable way. I especially appreciated how realistic it was. It wasn't "best case" first aid. I learned what to do in a variety of situations with a variety of resources."
Michelina A., Public, Wilderness & Remote First Aid, Mar.

"Amazing course. Will definitely be taking more courses!!"
Derrick F., Public, Wilderness & Remote First Aid, Mar.

"I found our instructor very personable , definitely more confident now. Thank you!"
Jason P., Construction, Standard First Aid, Apr.

"Best First Aid course I've ever taken. Cyndi was very on point with her knowledge & skills. She made it fun."
Kristine R., Construction, Standard First Aid, Apr.

"Instructor very knowledgeable, provided us with real world situations to help us understand."
Jack W., Electrical, Emergency First Aid, Apr.

"Excellent instructor! Very knowledgeable. Class was interesting and I felt that I had learned everything I needed in order to give First Aid."
Nicole K., Public, Standard First Aid, Mar.

"I liked the hands on learning aspect of the course because it actually made you think and use skills learned."
Nickolas K., Student, Standard First Aid/Wilderness & Remote First Aid, Mar.

"The practical experience was very beneficial and unlike any other course I have ever taken."
Sarah M., Student, Standard First Aid/Wilderness & Remote First Aid, Mar.

"An instructor who makes things fun will get more from their students - mission accomplished!"
Luke C., Automotive, Standard First Aid, Feb.

"The instructor was really knowledgeable, funny, approachable. I would like to have the same instructor next time."
Cassandra D., Day Care, Standard First Aid, Jan.

"Instructor was knowledgeable in answering questions. Made sure everyone had enough time to practice our skills."
Kim S., Day Care, Standard First Aid, Jan.

"Karen was fantastic! It helped me to have examples (true life) to help connect the 'book learning' to reality."
Donnia B., Day Care, Standard First Aid, Jan.

"Karen covered all sections and made information easy to remember. She was very hands on with activity and engaged to ensure things were done right."
Michelle M., Corporate, Standard First Aid, Jan.

"Karen is a great instructor that relates training to real life experiences.Has patience and inclusiveness, opens the class for participation from all."
Nicole J., Corporate, Standard First Aid, Jan.


   2018 Testimonials

"Mike truly knows his stuff. Made you want to listen rather than falling asleep."
Lou S., Retail, Standard First Aid, Nov.

"The class was great. I learned a lot and the instructor made it fun."
Peter A., Building Management, Standard First Aid, Oct.

"Practising scenarios is very helpful and makes you consider details you may not think of initially."
Ian J., Manufacturing, Standard First Aid, Nov.

"Karen is an awesome instructor who explains things carefully."
D. Hanna, Public, Standard First Aid, Sept.

"Great class, really enjoyed the personable instructor. Perfect amount of hands on situations."
Mitchell C., Public, Standard First Aid, Sept.

"It was great to have instructors that encouraged you to ask questions and who in turn asked you questions to test your knowledge."
R. Price, Retail Management, Standard First Aid, Aug.

"Very great instructor. Explained things in terms we understood. Would love to have back next year."
N. Neely, Medical, BLS CPR, Aug.

"I would just like to say that our instructors were amazing! They both made sure we all understood everything before moving on to another chapter in the book and answered all our questions. I feel very fortunate to have had 2 wonderful ladies teaching my class! Thanks to all."
J. Ratelle, Public, Standard First Aid, Jun.

"Great class, very informative and friendly staff."
A. Lazic, Industrial, Standard First Aid, May

"Thanks very much for making First Aid easy to understand and communicating everything so well."
R. Heidt, Railway, Emergency First Aid, Apr.

"Best instructor I've had in over 20yrs of First Aid training."
A. Mochrie, Engineering, Standard First Aid, Apr.

"Great Teacher! Vast knowledge in multiple fields and kept the attention of the group very well."
S. Saward, Woodworking/Electrical, Standard First Aid, Apr.

"WONDERFUL COURSE!! Very educational & made fun by the educators."
K Pond, Medical, CPR-BLS, Apr.

"Instructor was very knowledgeable & willing to answer all questions. Material was explained thoroughly and clearly. Deffinitely recommend for all future courses."
T. Morton, Engineering, Standard First Aid, Feb.

"Going through an Instructor Course, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after finishing, the knowledge and tools gained from LMac CPR are priceless. Laura is a phenomenal lead instructor (and that’s not doing her justice), and the program her team puts together shows how CPR should be taught...the right way! What a great experience, and an affordable price range for the many courses they offer!"
D. Dreer, Fire Services, Red Cross Instructor, Feb.

"I just wanted to thank you again for coming down to do our instructor recertification course. Much appreciated. I enjoyed the way that you ran the class, and I definitely learned a lot. You’ve deepened my understanding of first aid practices, and definitely expanded my arsenal of teaching techniques. I now feel that I am not only a better first aider, but a better instructor, so again, thank you!"
J. Garrod, Community Service, Red Cross Instructor Recertification, Feb.

"Excellent training with great application to realistic situations. Learned material that wasn't covered in past situations."
S. Brar, Medical, CPR-BLS, Feb.

"Great course and very valuable. Great instructor, very good detail and wonderful interaction."
P. Jorna, Industrial, Standard First Aid, Feb.

"Instructor was engaging, loved that the class was small and every question was answered."
L. Waldron, Community Service, Standard First Aid, Jan.

"This was more enjoyable and easier to keep focused on than previous courses with other companies."
C. Knights, Nursing, Standard First Aid, Jan.


   2017 Testimonials

"I found this course was much more practical and interactive than a previous course I had taken and it was much more beneficial."
Whitney Locken, Aviation, Standard First Aid, Dec.

"I'm glad my workplace took the course here, it definitely was a lot better than the previous locations, didn't feel as tense as others. I feel confident in my abilities."
A. Major, Retail Management, Standard First Aid, Nov.

"Excellent course! Instructor very knowledgeable and very fun! Would recommend service to anyone who needs CPR & First Aid Training."
S. Shafer, Retail Services, Standard First Aid, Nov.

"Training was great and covered many aspects glanced over in other training."
M. Thomas, Assistance Services, Standard First Aid, Oct.

"I learned a lot - Thoroughly enjoyed the mix of lecture and activities (hands on), especially found the scenarios to be helpful. Thank you! Engaging and energetic."
R. Lidster, Ministry of Natural Resources, Standard First Aid, Oct.

"Great teaching/learning methods - interactive, interesting, role play scenarios, teaching each other - way better way of learning."
C. Burks, Ministry of Natural Resources, Standard First Aid, Oct.

"Effective training methods. Personable and made me feel comfortable enough to attempt First Aid."
Jason Goncalves, Retail, Standard First Aid, Sept.

"Third time having LMac teach us and would highly recommend."
Karen Van Riesen, Scouting, Standard First Aid recert, Sept.

"Instructor was very kind and approachable. Welcome to answer any questions we had."
Sharon Kubinski, Public, Emergency First Aid, Sept.

"The instructor (Anmar) was very knowledgeable and gave information I hadn't heard before. Really helped explain the 'why' for some situations."
Karen Van Riesen, Scouting, Standard First Aid recert, Sept.

"Karen is great at teaching. We learned a lot to help us help others."
Denise Matthews, Retail Managment, Standard First Aid recert, Aug.

"This recert course was more informational than my previous full course.I would definitely recommend it for others."
Shannon Prangley, Public, Standard First Aid recert, Aug.

"Having taken this course 10 times over my working career, the instructor was the best I've ever had."
Brian Badger, Property Management, Standard First Aid, Jun.

"You were very helpful and made sure that everyone understood everything you were teaching. Carolyn was very helpful...thank you"
Achai Bol Giir, Public, Standard First Aid, Jun.

"This was my first time taking First Aid/CPR the instructor was great. Broke up the material well with instructor led information and practical application. And all the material was delivered in a way that was very easy to understand."
Dave Noble, Retail Sales Management, Standard First Aid, Jun.

"Great instructor. Easy to follow and made information exciting. Practical scenarios were an excellent addition."
Amanda Tremblett, Daycare, Standard First Aid, Mar.

"Very informative and asked if we had thoughts or questions after each lesson. The group activities are very knowldegeable."
Chris Monger, Retail, Standard First Aid, Mar.

"Mike was fantastic with teaching the group, always gets involved and makes learning about CPR informative and fun."
Ingrid Rand-Skuse, Retail Management, Standard First Aid, Jan.

"Instructor was very clear and used real incidents as examples of situations. Found course very beneficial in my line of work""
Brett Finlayson, Power generation, Standard First Aid, Jan.

"Mike is excellent and teaches what needs to be covered! Explains everything simple/details""
Ursula Hicks, Retail Management, Standard First Aid, Jan.

"Mike was fantastic with teaching the group, always gets involved and makes learning about CPR informative and fun"
Ingrid Rand-Skuse, Retail Management, Standard First Aid, Jan.

"Awesome instructor! A lot of things were not taught in my work (old job), it was nice to find these things out"
Tanya Murray, Public, Standard First Aid, Jan.


   Earlier Testimonials

Here are just a few of the many comments from earlier testimonials...

"I found the class was very engaging. Mike did an awesome job with scenarios, practical & discussion. Thank you!"
Phuong Tran, Dental Hygenist, Standard First Aid, Dec.

"Mike was very knowledgeable and helpful, he answered all questions & concerns. I will most certainly re-cert with & recommend LMac to others."
Danielle Tisdale, Youth Worker, Standard First Aid, Dec.

"Excellent experience! A lot of hands on scenarios! Made very applicable to grocery store atmosphere"
Robert Green, Retail Management, Dec., Standard First Aid

"Mike was thoroughly enjoyable. He made the class super fun & stimulating. I love all of the different ways we learned. Highly recommending this company"
Kimberly Kennedy, Retail Management, Dec., Standard First Aid

"A very thorough & enjoyable course. Excellent teaching, dynamic and very much geared toward the target audience (Scouting)
Shelly Chevarie, Scouting, Dec., Standard First Aid

"I've had many CPR courses and this was my favourite one, it was not boring. Everything related to home or work, examples and scenarios were great! Very different and kept every ones interest."
Lisa Waldron, Social Services, Nov., Standard First Aid

"It was a great 2 days, very engaging, fast moving and Red Cross will be my # 1 choice going forward."
Jeff Trahan, Retail Sales, Oct., Standard First Aid

"Mike is a fantastic instructor who successfully explained the content in a realistic fashion. I will definitely be back!"
Holly Bunt, Public, Aug., Standard First Aid

"I just wanted to say thanks again for the course on Monday.  It was very informative and made me think about things I haven't thought about before.  I will for sure be signing up to take more courses with you!"
Sarah Herbert, Instructor, May, First Aid Instructor recertification

"Found this training to be more hands on & more enjoyable than the last training I took. Got a lot from the course."
Darcy Declerq, Guides Canada, Mar., Standard First Aid recertification.

"Loved the 'hands on' type of teaching of this course. Much more valuable than anything I have taken before. Great job. Enjoyed very much."
Colleen Webb, Retail Management, Mar., Standard First Aid

"The instructor had a captivating voice, funny humour and made this course interesting & not boring as some can be. Thank you."
Christina Easterbrook, Retail Management, Mar., Emergency First Aid

"I liked the common sense, practical approach."
Bryan VanOostveen, Agriculture, Mar., Standard First Aid

"Enthusiasm is a great quality to have in a First Aid teacher. Well done!
Gabriel Deneau, Construction, Feb., Standard First Aid

"Laura was a great instructor! I learned a lot from her today. She is the best! Keep it up!"
Henry Byl, Student, Jan., Emergency First Aid

"It was awesome, fun and I'm now way more confident than I was before I took this course."
Taylor Roch, Scouting, Dec., Standard First Aid

"Very engaging course, entertaining and informative. I will highly recommend LMac to others."
Shayla O'Connel, Public, Nov., Standard First Aid

"Though this is my third time taking First Aid training it is the first time that I feel confident in all that I have learned. Mike made the material interesting and relevant to every participant"
Caylee Murray, Student, Oct., Standard First Aid

"Great instructor. Doesn't bore us to death with constant reading. Breaks it up with instruction. Makes sure we understand."
Michele Boyd, Property Management, Sept., Standard First Aid

"Mike was thorough, interesting & informative. Best CPR/First Aid I've taken thus far."
Nadine Ellul, Chiropractic, Sept., Standard First Aid

"This is my 3rd time with LMac. I find the methods and instructors to be excellent."
Caroline Whitehead, Public, Sept., Standard First Aid with HCP CPR

"I have taken First Aid & CPR since I was 16yrs old & this was the best training session I have taken to date. Lots of hands on practice time vs lecture time"
Mary-Ellen Hicknell, St. Thomas REACT Team, Aug., Standard First Aid

"Mike was very knowledgeable and funny. Would recommend anyone for this course."
Ryan Lake, Public, Jun., Standard First Aid

"The course was kept interesting and diverse. It was completely applicable to all life circumstances (urban/rural). Thanks Laura! It was great!"
Jennifer Davidson, Scouting, Jun., Standard First Aid

"Scenario makeups were extremely helpful!"
Ray DeBoer, Public, Jun., Wilderness & Remote First Aid

"It's not just a course for work, it's a course for life"
Scott Lupa, Electrical/Woodworking, Apr., Standard First Aid

"Great instructor, easy to understand, very clear, good hands on exercise"
Mario Soto, Food Production, Apr., Standard First Aid

"Very useful with life in and outside of work. Terminology very simple which I like and understand."
Christina Blanchard, Manufacturing, Apr., Standard First Aid

"Best instructor I have ever had."
Ingrid Nordemann-Baker, Hospitality Industry, Apr., Emergency First Aid

"Much easier to understand instruction than previous First Aid course taken through other provider."
Jennifer Ballantine, Retail Sales, Apr., Standard First Aid

"Great teacher, really enjoyed working with the teacher. Kept my brain spinning plus man knows what he is teaching."


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