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Cancellation or Re-Scheduling Policy

(updated Jan 6, 2021)

Time to start of course


Re-Scheduling Fee

More than 10 days.

Full refund less $25 plus any material costs for CPR/First Aid courses, less $50 for Leadership / First Responder / Remote First Aid courses and less $120 for Emergency Medical Responder / Wilderness First Aid courses.

$15 for CPR or First Aid courses, $40 for Leadership, First Responder or Remote First Aid, $100 for Emergency Medical Responder or Wilderness First Aid / First Responder.

4 to 10 days.

50% refund less any material costs.

$20 for CPR courses, $45 for First Aid courses, $100 for Leadership,  First Responder or Remote First Aid, $175 for Emergency Medical Responder,  Wilderness First Aid or First Responder.

3 days or less:  Cancellation, rebooking, failure to attend, did not pass or complete the course.

No refund.

Full course price.

LMac Community CPR understands that unforseen circumstances can occur and we will consider these on an individual basis.

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