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We train you like the life you save will be ours!


Some photos of Wilderness First Aid training and scenarios.

Neck stabilized with an improvised cervical collar in a wilderness environment.
Treating a snowmobiler who had been pulled from a 'river'.
Moving a small child on an improvised stretcher.
Patient in recovery position during secondary assessment.
Pulse check during primary assessment.
Camping scenario - how not to cut wood.
Moving an injured person using 'BEAM'.
Preparing to roll person before removing helmet.
Treating partial thickness burns in simulation.
Simulated wound to leg in scenario.
Preparing to treat an avulsion to the arm.
Starting to assessing a patient.
Transporting treated patient on improvised stretcher.
AED's can be used in the wilderness too!
Patient treated and ready for transport.
Patient assessment prior to treatment.
Reaching a victim in shallow water.
Carrying an injured child.
Babies aren't just born in hospitals.
In a hypothermia wrap prior to transport.
Simulated penetrating lung injury.
Wilderness First Aid could be a very handy thing to know.

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